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Tips to Reduce Flower Losses

We deeply understand the importance of keeping your flowers fresh and beautiful for longer, not only to preserve the natural beauty they offer, but also to optimize your investment and reduce losses in your floral business. We know that every flower tells a story, and every lost petal is an opportunity for fading joy. That's why we want to share with you some essential tips to minimize flower losses and maximize your customer satisfaction. 

  1. Careful Selection

The first step towards floral longevity starts with selecting your flowers. Always opt for reliable suppliers who offer you products of the highest quality and freshness. Remember, fresher flowers at the beginning mean a longer shelf life at the end. 

  1. Proper Transport and Storage

Once acquired, proper transportation and storage are crucial. Use refrigerated vehicles for transportation and ensure that your facility has efficient refrigeration, keeping the flowers in a cool and stable environment. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources, as these elements can accelerate the deterioration process. 

  1. Use of Flowers Care Treatment

It incorporates the use of quality flower food and flowers care treatment products, such as those offered by OASIS® Floral Products Malaysia. These products are designed to nourish flowers, keep water clean and free of bacteria, and prolong the life of your flower arrangements. Be sure to follow the specific instructions for best results. 

  1. Correct Cutting & Moisturizing

Correct stem cutting is essential for optimal water absorption. Use well-sharpened tools to make an angled cut, allowing for a larger surface area for water absorption. Immediately after cutting, soak the flowers in clean, fresh water, preferably treated with flowers care treatment products

  1. Species-Specific Care

Each type of flower has its own specific care needs. Educate yourself and your team on the specifics of each species you handle, from light needs to temperature and humidity preferences. This specialized knowledge is key to prolonging the life of your flowers. 

  1. Constant Monitoring and Rotation

Conduct regular inspections of your inventory to detect early signs of spoilage or disease. Remove damaged flowers to prevent them from affecting the others. In addition, practice effective stock rotation, using the oldest flowers first. 

  1. Customer Education

Finally, educate your customers on how to care for the flowers once they bring them home, give them a sachet of FloraLife® flower food. Providing them with care tips will not only help them enjoy their flowers longer, but it will also reinforce your reputation as an expert and caretaker of floral beauty. 

At OASIS® Floral Products Malaysia, we are committed to the success of your floral business. By following these tips, you'll be able to enjoy longer-lasting blooms, more satisfied customers, and most importantly, a significant reduction in flower losses. Remember, every flower is a treasure, and with proper care, its beauty can be preserved for everyone's maximum enjoyment. 

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