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The Best Mother's Day Flowers And Their Meanings

The Best Mother's Day Flowers and Their Meanings


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we have jam-packed this blog with the best Mother’s Day flowers to create a memorable and meaningful floral arrangement for your loved ones. Nothing shows more appreciation for the ones we love on Mother’s Day than a homemade floral arrangement.
We’re always bursting at the seams with inspiration for popular Mother’s Day flowers and have lots of ideas for those looking to make their own Mother’s Day flower arrangement this year! 

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on every 12th Of May. Scribble the date in your diary and give yourself plenty of time to prepare your DIY floral arrangement with gorgeous and popular Mother’s Day flowers! 

Popular Mother’s Day Flowers and Their Meanings

Did you know flowers have hidden meanings? You can create your Mum or loved one a bouquet filled with personal touches, all by using certain types of blooms. What a lovely way to show your love and appreciation! Here are some of the best Mother’s Day flowers…


Mother's Day flowers in envelope box with pink flowers.

Pink Roses

We all know red roses represent love and passion and are often synonymous with Valentine's Day, but did you know pink roses symbolise gratitude? These popular Mother’s Day flowers are perfect for meaningful Mother’s Day flower arrangements.
Mix your pink roses with creams for a soft, pastel look. You can either add roses to your bouquet, mixed with foliage and other blooms, or why not go for a hat box design and cut your roses quite short to create a lovely compact look? What will your mum love?


The carnation flower symbolizes love, captivation and distinction. In the past, white carnations symbolized pure love, somewhat similar to a mother’s love. White carnations are also deemed the official flower for Mother’s Day by the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis. Aside from that, white carnations signify innocence, purity, genuineness and simplicity. 

Pink Carnations are often given as a symbol of heartfelt gratitude to say, “Thank you” and also “I will never forget you”. Light pink carnations represent love and gratitude that are similar to a Mother. 


Mother's Day flowers in a hat box with tulips.


Mother’s Day always takes place in March, which is the start of Springtime and the blooming season for some of the best Mother’s Day flowers. Tulip flowers are the perfect go-to for your Mother’s Day flower arrangement and come in a variety of beautiful colours that represent unconditional love. 
Tulips look best when they are displayed on their own, as they can be a little unruly! Using our floral secateurs, simply cut the stems to the desired length, gather and place them in a vase or even a jug or milk churn

Top tip: Let the tulips do their own thing, so don’t worry too much if one or two falls to the side – it just adds to their unique look!


Oh Daffodils…they represent happiness and will brighten up any flower arrangement and any room! Similar to Tulips, Daffodils are popular Mother’s Day flowers as they are some of the first flowers to bloom in the Spring and create beautiful and vibrant floral displays! 

Top tip: Because Daffodils have quite a delicate stem, we recommend using them in hand-tied bouquets, rather than with Floral Foam. However, if you did want to create a floral design, we would recommend using our OASIS® Advantage Floral Foam, which was specifically designed for delicate stemmed flowers. 


Mother's Day flowers in a rainbow hat box with Gerbera flowers.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies bring a pop of colour to any flower arrangement! They come in a variety of bright and bold colours and represent beauty, so a lovely addition to your Mother’s Day floral arrangement. 
We like to use Gerbera Daisies as a focal point in our arrangements, cutting and adding to the design first and then working other stems and foliage around it. 

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and sizes of Gerberas too!


Snapdragons are such a fun addition to any Mother’s Day arrangement. They get their quirky nickname from the mythical creature they look like and will certainly add a modern twist to any bouquet. These popular Mother’s Day flowers represent grace and strength, and provide a beautiful array of colours in any Mother’s Day floral arrangement. 
Top tip: Snapdragons are fabulous filler flowers. Whether you are creating an arrangement in floral foam, or putting together a hand-tied bouquet, simply place Snapdragons where you feel you need to add texture or interest.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

The history of Mother’s Day is interesting and stems way back to the Middle Ages when children would move away from home at quite a young age to find work. A day was introduced on the second Sunday of the Christian Festival of Lent, where children could go back home to visit their mother and their churches. 

Why do we give flowers on Mother’s Day?

Today, we tend to celebrate by gifting flowers on Mother’s Day, but where does this tradition come from? Again, this is all thanks to the 17th century! Children that moved away for work (normally to find jobs as servants) would pick Spring flowers on their way home to gift to their mothers. How sweet! Because of the time of year, these flowers would have been Spring blooms, such as Tulips and Daffodils. 
We love that this tradition still lives on today!  

Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate those we love, and what better way than creating your own floral arrangement with some of the best types of flowers for Mother’s Day, for a truly stunning and meaningful gift!

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