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Learn How Rose Nova Vita Has Become the Star Rose for Various Floral Designers

Rose Nova Vita has an incredibly beautiful meaning behind its name, and hence, the influence it has had on designer's floral creations. Nova Vita, meaning "New Life" is exactly what renowned floral designers have created with this spectacular white dreamy rose. You'll want to get a dose of Rose Nova Vita ASAP !

First and Most Importantly Let’s Talk About The Main Character - Rose Nova Vita

Why is the perfect rose to work with according to a few floral designers? The perfection evidently comes from its purity, intriguing big head, and great opening on the vase. These characteristics make Rose Nova Vita, now available at Decofresh, very easy to work with and the perfect choice for any wedding bouquet or floral arrangement.

Rose Nova Vita wedding design by Romanian floral designer Claudia Tararache on Thursd

Floral bouquet using Rose Nova Vita by Claudia Tararache

Curious to know how this rose has actually overhauled and revolutionized the lives of floral designers ? Keep reading to know more.

Claudia Tarache Gives Her Statement on How Rose Nova Vita Changed Her Bouquets

The skillful and very well-known Romanian floral designer Claudia Tararache shares the marvelous experience she had while creating a very delicate-looking bouquet using Rose Nova Vita.

Rose Nova Vita designs by Claudia Tararache on Thursd

Floral Design by Claudia Tararache

 She is very happy to share that the Nova Vita rose is a luxurious but also a romantic rose that allowed her to create a dreamy white rose arrangement. Claudia Tararache mentions:

"I was delighted with the pureness of its petals, while its delicate fragrance creates the perfect harmony with everyone’s heart." 

All white design using Rose Nova Vita on Thursd

Floral Design by Claudia Tararache


Andreas Frank's Impression of Rose Nova Vita

The German floral designer Andreas Frank from Blumenwerk Neudenau loves to show the world, and most importantly the potential and effect of flowers through his eyes. In this case, he tried Rose Nova Vita for one of his most recent makings, and the result was beautiful.

Rose Nova Vita closeup on Thursd

For Andreas Frank, Rose Nova Vita was like love at second sight. At first, he thought it might be another "white rose with a tall head" which he personally doesn't like, but then he carefully chose one for a bridal bouquet, and boom... it transmitted pure love! It was a dream working with this white rose, especially for special workpieces.

Rose Nova Vita floral creation by Andreas Frank on ThursdFloral design by Andreas Frank

Kristina Rimiene and Her Love for Rose Nova Vita

For weddings, it can sometimes be quite a struggle to find a perfect white rose with a nice shape featuring big petals and a big wide-open blossom.

"I was lucky to be introduced to this wonderful flower which will now be among my first choice when I need something beautiful in perfectly white color scale." Kristina Rimiene

Kristina Rimiene shares that Rose Nova Vita was just the perfect flower for the wedding where she needed a white – dusty pink dahlia-rose-delphinium combination for the table centerpieces and other floral decorations.

Kristina Rimiene shares her opinion on Rose Nova Vita on Thursd

Kristina Rimiene's decor using Rose Nova Vita on Thursd

Fiori Bloemen Loves the Romance Rose Nova Vita Portrays in Its White Color

According to Fiori Bloemen, this rose is a modern romantic rose that opens beautifully. Rose Nova Vita is pure white and does very well in bridal bouquets. If you're looking for a romantic look, it's definitely a must-have.

Fiori Bloemen floral designer using Rose Nova Vita on Thursd

Rose Nova Vita Is Available at Decofresh

Looking to add that extra pinch of delicacy to any bouquet or special arrangement? Rose Nova Vita will definitely be your ally to achieve the dreamiest white designs, now available at Decofresh Aalsmeer.

The breeder, United Selections has made it possible for these beauties to be in hands of such incredible floral designers, who once again, have nailed their floral designs.

Rose Nova Vita available on Decofresh on Thursd

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